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Psychological Tricks To Get Your Ex Back

If you are reading this, you are likely suffering emotionally over the loss of person you love greatly. The particular circumstances do not matter right at once – possibly you did something wrong, mayhap they did. But the relationship ended somehow and now you want to get your ex girlfriend back.

Relationships are delicate bonds and, in order to be able to re-unite with your girl you need to realize how these bonds are made and maintained and, depending on what failed and how long ago the break-up came, you need to experience how to go about getting her back.
Believe it or not, getting your ex girlfriend/boyfriend back is an easily to play along and linear process, but, also a very counter-intuitive one. Every particular trouble has an easy answer, but it took me several years to fully realize the psychology down this process and to come up with this fool-proof and easy to comply method which helped hundreds of guys already and works nearly every time.

Before I give you everything I have got, let me show you a couple of mental tricks that will put you on the good track and, as well, prove to you that this stuff it is worth taking a look at…

1. Cut away all communication if you are able to. If you do not live or work together, this generally appears like an easy task, but, to be honest, it is not… because you will miss her. A lot. Simply, guess what! She will miss you too. This works alright because of the following psychological principle:

People want what they can not have!

Never forget that. Do not turn her emotional tampon and do not help her heal by being there for her day in and day out. Get your life back. Don’t initiate contact with her for at least three to four weeks. Naturally it is ok for her to contact you.

2. Get rid of neediness. Nobody would like to be round a needy person. It is no fun at all. If you can not control this, you’ll simply confirm their decision to break up with you. But, on the other hand, showing her that you’re absolutely fine without her, will make her start wondering if she genuinely made a good decision leaving you… And you’ll push everything to the next level with the next technique…

3. Add a bit of jealousy. There are a lot of ways to do this and, combined with the 1st two techniques, it can do magic for you. But you really need insurance when going for this method because overdoing this will blow your chances to get her back forever. I canful show you a couple of sneaky ways to do this without having to concern about compromising your future relationship with her. They’re included in the guide I am dying to show you. Very powerful stuff.

4. Make your future date with your ex emotionally charged. “What?! A date?! My ex does not even reply my phone calls!”…I can hear you screaming already. But, it is OK. You’ll find a solution for every situation in the materials at the bottom of this article. I’ll teach you how to make your ex return your phone calls and how to get another date. Well, that’s really the easy part.

At present, permit me explain what I mean by “emotionally charged”. If you are planning to do the old “dinner and movie” I have bad news for you… Why? Because,doing so, you fall back on the following sociologically proven principle…

Emotionally charged = Bond

This 1st scenario won’t just be boring, but, also, it will not produce a bonding, or, in our case, a re-bonding experience. A better scenario could be a short roller coaster ride. As well, taking your ex on a few “mini-dates” could do marvels for your relationship. This creates “time distortion”, so, your ex will feel that they’ve been with you forever after only a short period of time.

This way, you’ll eventually get to spend a lot of time together and you will have a chance to get them back, if you are prepared and you know what to do.

Now listen carefully!

I do not wish to scare you, but, your ex is not attending to be around forever…they’ll in time going to find somebody else and they are going to hook up with them…they’re attending to fall in love, they’re going to have sex…so on and so forth…

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