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The Ex Factor: How to Get Ex Back if You are Still Living with the Same Love

If you still spend a lot of time thinking about your ex, then you must still be in love with them. Life is difficult. Sometimes it punishes you for no reason. Sometimes, misunderstandings get too difficult to solve and you end up breaking away from each other. Sometimes, you end up doing something to hurt the other person. Then, there are times, when nothing seems to be wrong and you still break up.

Relationships are very difficult to hold together strongly and even more difficult to mend. However if you want to mend it and if you are patient enough, a lot can happen that may help you to do so. Getting ex back is no mean feat. The first thing, which you must be prepared to do is say sorry, even if you are not the only one at fault for what went wrong. Sorry is one of the hardest words to utter and even harder to mean especially when you say it just to get your ex back. But if you utter it first, so may he or she, and maybe things can get sorted out like this.

In case there is more to it than what an apology can heal, then you would want to take drastic measures, the first being going back to being good friends with him or her. When you want to win ex back, you may well have to start all over again and be good friends only to regain their trust. When they reach the same comfort level with you again, only then can you think about talking to him or her about getting back to you. Till then, you must be patient and try to give him/her a patient ear and a helping hand when they need it. You may even try to do something special for them on days they deem important to make them smile. Whatever you do though, you must not make things uncomfortable for him/her because, if you really care for them it will not be the right thing to do and it will not help you win ex back. None of this advice can guarantee that you get ex back, but if you do not end up getting ex back, then maybe it is for the best.

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